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African Hoopoe

African Hoopoe

The African Hoopoe has some very close relatives that spend time in Europe during warmer climes. On occasion, during winter, these species can overlap when the northern species migrate to Africa. To distinguish between the two one must check out the primary feathers. If they are solid black they are a true African species if they have white barring they are of European descent. Hoopoes are generally probers with their long curved beaks. They eat mostly hole burrowing insects and grubs. A key component to their diet is ant lion larvae, which is grub-like and often found around anthills and termite mounds. Hoopoes can be seen bouncing around on the ground looking for these things. When excited they raise their characteristic rust colored crest. Their call, which is somewhat like their name, is a low hoo,hoo,hoo. - Kim Diment

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