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Three Brothers

Three Brothers

Cheetah brothers on occasions will remain together throughout their lifetimes. This bond of brothers is called a coalition. A coalition has obvious benefits in hunting, mating and safety matters. This depiction of “The Three Brothers” documents a well known coalition that reign over the Lewa Downs Nature Conservancy in Kenya. I have spent a lot of time with these three cheetahs and never cease to be excited when I see them. Not only are they big boys by most cheetah standards, they are also in beautiful physical shape. Cheetahs are the fastest running land animal. They exhibit many dog like traits that allow for them to hold this record. One of these traits are non-retractable claws. A second is a thin long legged greyhound anatomy. Cheetahs tend to be diurnal, meaning they prefer to hunt during the day. This is normally closer to evening or morning. They kill quickly and then they eat quickly. Because they are built for speed cheetahs cannot defend their kill against much stronger predators such as hyenas and lions. They literally eat and run. Cheetahs used to be kept as royal hunting pets to Sheiks and Sultan back in another time. - Kim Diment

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