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Horns and Thorns

Horns and Thorns

The black rhino is a fearsome creature when encountered in the bush. He does not see well and embodies the philosophy of hit hard and ask questions later. After spending some time with rhinos I found that they are much more complicated beast that what they get credit for publicly. Their horns and scars are what allows one to distinguish individuals. Their dispositions and personalities vary. This is sometimes very useful information to know. Black rhinos differ from white rhinos not in color but in size and mouth shape. this mouth shape dictates their eating habits. The black rhino is a browser of bushes and brush. Its mouth is beak shaped to make it easier to get to these things. White rhinos prefer grazing closer to the ground on grasses which explains it wider flattened mouth shape. White rhino is actual a misnomer as the Afrikaner used to refer to this rhino as the "wide" rhino in regard to its wide mouth. The Africans' pronunciation however sounds like "white" and hence the English mix-up.

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