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Great Horned Owl. Image Size 5" x 7".
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(Overall paper size 8.5" x 11")
The great horned owl is what most people think of when they think of a “wise old owl” or the typical “hoot owl.” They are one of the largest owls with a wing span over four feet. The eyes of owls are among the most unique in the world of birds. Hearing is also acute and vital in assisting the owl in locating prey. Because they are large, strong, and fast, their prey ranges from insects to mid-size mammals. Most owls are night hunters, or they hunt in those transitional hours of dusk or dawn. But they can adapt when necessary to less diurnal habits when obtaining food is a problem. In my painting “Hooter”, a shaft of light has penetrated through the dark forest and highlighted a great horned owl perched quietly on an old dead pine tree. It’s a rare glimpse, as usually this owl is most active when it’s too dark to see it!

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