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Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna

Framed Canvas GiClee - Edition of 150. Original in private collection.

Artist Note: My favorite time of the year is marked by Morel mushroom hunting and the arrival of the Trilliums. Winter is officially gone, the birds are back and the color in the forest is the yellow green of new growth. The little fawn tucked away under the trilliums is waiting for mom to get back so he can stretch his legs and have a bit to drink. This little guy is a newborn. He will exhibit the blue eyes for a short time. At this early stage he also carries no scent. A little fawn like this will often hold very still and appear abandoned. This is seldom the case. Mother deer is often very close by waiting for you to vacate. For this reason a young fawn should never be moved unless its mother is clearly dead. It is also a fallacy that a fawn touched by humans will not be accepted back by the mother. This is not true. It is always best to leave young fawns alone.

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