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Tahqua Crossing

Tahqua Crossing

Medium: Acrylic

Framed Canvas GiClee - Edition of 125. Original in private collection.

Tahqua Crossing is the first in a series of paintings being done exclusively for Tahquamenon State Park. Each painting in the series will feature a native animal in a prominent park location. The subject in this Tahqua painting was a special moose named Gulliver after the fictitious character from a children’s book. Gulliver was a male moose translocated from Canada and released in the Marquette region. Initially equipped with a radio collar, Gulliver was tracked to the Taqhquemenon area. There he stayed for many years. His notoriety lived on well after he lost the collar. Gulliver is depicted in this acrylic painting at the mouth of the Tahquamenon River on a fine fall morning.

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